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3 Things To Note While Renting An Apartment In Berlin

3 Things To Note While Renting An Apartment In Berlin

In Berlin, numerous housing projects are currently (2022-2023) under construction. There are hundreds of rental properties in Berlin offered by the housing businesses who are building these apartments and homes.

In comparison to ads placed by private persons, there is a larger chance of finding an apartment to rent in these housing buildings.

Berlin’s housing organisations follow a fair procedure. Your nationality is not taken into account while renting an apartment.

You will be accepted for a rental flat if you apply early and have a reliable income.

There are three crucial factors to take into account:


In German, the procedure for registering new residents is called Anmeldung.

Meldebescheinigung is the name of the actual document you receive when registering for your new residential address. German citizens must submit the Meldebescheinigung in order to register their personal data with the government. There may be a lot of paperwork involved, and it will likely include personal information such as the person’s address, identity number, marital status, and occupation. But, it is not necessarily legally required and may be done as a precaution.

If you stay in Berlin for longer than three months, wherever you choose to relocate, you must register your new address with the local Berlin municipality. That can be rather intimidating if you don’t speak German (yet) or are just inexperienced with the bureaucratic procedure.

2. Find Berlin’s Top Neighbourhoods Before You Relocate

You don’t have to live close to the next laptop cowboy in Starbucks just because you’re new to town and keen to try new things. Your likes and preferences for a place to reside are specific. It’s possible that you didn’t even enjoy Starbucks before!

We can help, though, if you’re unsure of what areas might be best for you. In order to give you a better understanding of Berlin’s various districts, we have divided the huge metropolis into more digestible sections.

We’ve got you covered and can help you figure out where to live in Berlin, whether you want to live in a hipster neighbourhood that has undergone gentrification, a popular nightlife hotspot, or one of Berlin’s relaxed green spaces.

Berlin will have the ideal neighbourhood for you, no matter what kind of person you are or what kind of lifestyle you seek. Renting an Apartment in Berlin in your favourite neighbourhood is truly easy now!

3. Always Have The Necessary Documentation On Hand

How to find cheap apartments for rent in Berlin

You must prepare the following paperwork and bring them with you to the viewings if you are looking for a flat/apartment. If any of these documents are absent or incomplete, your application may not be accepted in many cases:

  • A copy of your personal ID
  • Credit report (“SCHUFA Auskunft”)
  • Certificate of Paid Rent – “Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung”
  • If you can’t yet show proof of your own income, you might additionally require a guarantee signed by a guarantor (such as your parents) and copies of their pay stubs from the previous three months.

Depending on the landlord, your work contract can also be sufficient documentation.

You will feel as though you have truly arrived in Berlin once you have overcome the apartment viewing challenge. What a relief! In order to get through your apartment viewings, bear in mind the following:

  • In order to succeed, you must stand out from the crowd, therefore dress smartly, act amiably and politely, and shake the estate agent’s hand. You can acquire an advantage over your “competitors” by maintaining a neat appearance and a pleasant disposition.
  • A copy of each document should be turned in in person at the viewing.
  • Provide a second copy of your paperwork to the agency or landlord as soon as you can after the viewing by email.
  • Thank the landlord or real estate agent for the tour and express your appreciation in your email.

Renters naturally experience pressure to find a flat given Berlin’s competitive property market. People may occasionally try to take advantage of you and try to fool you as a result, especially if many individuals are looking for the same apartment.

Keep an eye out for any warning hints. If you haven’t yet met the Landlord person, ask for photos or their social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and give them a call. Always request a viewing; if they refuse and say they are out of the country or that you must bring them the money beforehand, this is a telltale clue that they are scammers!

Please contact a German speaker to look over the contract with you before you sign anything if you are unsure about it because it is written in German. Any honourable landlord would appreciate that you need to take some time to make sure everything is legal.