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Photovoltaic Carport

Photovoltaic Carport

The development and application of photovoltaics have been very extensive and mature, and are mainly used in industry, agriculture, technology and daily life. Applications such as power generation, lighting, and communications are already very widespread. It is extremely common especially on the roofs of industrial parks, various street lamps, rural residences and other places. The photovoltaic carport is also a type of photovoltaic project. It can be combined with charging piles and new energy electric vehicles. It uses photovoltaic components on the roof to generate electricity. It can be stored in the battery through the charging device or directly supplied to the electric vehicle for charging. It can be used spontaneously. And you can sell the spare power.

Photovoltaic carport is a new way of generating electricity and a concrete manifestation of making full use of energy. Photovoltaic carports are generally composed of steel structure brackets and roof photovoltaic components. They can not only meet the needs of ordinary steel carports for shelter from wind and rain, but also generate electricity and store electricity to increase income. The roof of ordinary carports is directly replaced with solar panels, which not only saves roof materials, but also uses the space to generate electricity; the power generation can be combined with charging piles to directly charge electric vehicles, and the electric energy can also be stored to increase income.

It is a very wise choice to set up photovoltaic carports in places with limited space such as highways, industrial parks, hospitals, and schools to meet parking needs and save resources. The steel structure support is simple and generous, fashionable and beautiful, safe and reliable; the photovoltaic ceiling is beautiful and practical, and it is a clean and environmentally friendly new energy source that does not take up excess space and alleviates the pressure on the social environment and energy.


Photovoltaic carports are relatively flexible and can be designed for single, multiple, or hundreds of parking spaces. Photovoltaic carports have low investment and strong practicability, and can achieve return on investment or even profits in a short period of time, which has more advantages than ordinary carports. Moreover, the photovoltaic carport can be set up to be two-way adjustable, adjusting the direction as the sun rotates, fully increasing the duration of sunlight, and also allowing the cars in the parking space to be more fully protected.

Photovoltaic carports have high reliability, long service life, no environmental pollution, can generate electricity independently and operate on the grid, and have no restrictions on site area. While effectively protecting vehicles from wind, rain, and sun, they can also achieve reverse income and have broad development prospects. Photovoltaic carports have been widely used and promoted in many countries. They are not only the application of innovation and technology, but also a concrete manifestation of human progress. In the new era, photovoltaics, a green and energy-saving new energy source, will be widely used and promoted.