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8 Most In-Demand Smart Home Technologies for 2018

It’s incredible how smart innovations are making people’s lives much more comfortable each day. Technology before was meant to help us make our task lighter, but now, they are both a need and luxury. If you’re one who doesn’t shy away from the latest technology, and if you’re looking for smart home technology upgrades, you’re in the right place.

As the years pass by, more and more innovations are being introduced, reinvented, modified and created for home advances. Because of this, the idea of a smart home emerged. The idea is to provide a better way of life for the busy men and women of today who can afford these brand new appliances and those who do not shy away from technology.

We bring you some of the most in-demand smart home technologies in 2018.

1.    Smart Light Bulbs.

These energy and money saver are a must in every smart home. They will not only light up a room with a single setting, but some can even imitate a sunrise or sunset, depending on how they are programmed.

2.    Bidet Toilet Combos.

These babies let you experience the best of both worlds when it comes to functionality and design. A combination of an actual toilet bowl with a toilet bidet seat resulting in the optimal bathroom luxury.

3.    Smart Thermostats

This WiFi-connected regulator lets you adjust your home’s temperature with your smartphone. Now, there is no need for you to manually change the settings, as you can just schedule different temperatures throughout the day automatically. Some can even alert you if the levels reached the point where it can harm your pipes in case they could freeze or burst.

4.    Robot Vacuums

These disc-shaped robots may be small, but they come with substantial vacuum and sensors that can automatically clean your floors for you. These are mainly handy for people with mobility issues, and very busy individuals who have no time for floor-cleaning.

5.    Smart Refrigerators

From digital temperature control via smartphones to LED lighting, manufacturers are continuously reinventing their refrigerator models for the ultimate kitchen of the future. Some other features may include hidden ice makers, LED displays, door locks and alarms and full extension drawers that enables you to reach items without much effort.

6.    Voice Assistants

These intelligent assistant uses voice recognition to aid users in controlling smart home devices. These are compatible with your devices at home, giving you ease of control and more time to do more productive things.

7.    Security Cameras

These can keep your home and property safe as they record in high definition and has digital sensors. No burglar or trespasser would want to come in a house where pieces of evidence of who they are and how they can break in and out. These cameras can see well in the dark and, has microphones so you can communicate with the device using your phone and have face recognition features too.

8.    Dog Cameras

Pets deserve their technology. There are companies out there that offers dog cameras that let you watch, see and talk to your pet from your smartphone wherever you may be. Some can even toss a treat for your pet while you’re away.