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Commercial Roof Installations In Ann Arbor Michigan

If you own an industrial or commercial business and are now in need of a new roof, there are certain imperative aspects you must take into account. structures such as warehouses, beauty salons, apartment complexes, condominiums, offices and medical buildings, retail stores and restaurants may require specific sort of roofing depending on the occupancy, location, weather trends and several other aspects. Being a business owner, you do not want to have a roof that has loose or missing shingles, holes, leaks or any other kind of imperfections. You have to ensure that your building is structurally safe, sound and pleasant looking, without a roof that is just failing apart.


Most of the reputable, licensed roofing contractors should be experienced in commercial roof installations, repairs, replacement and maintenance. Be certain to check out their references, and ask other businesses for testimonials before you move ahead. Below are some of the vital questions you should ask:


  • Do they offer you with a wide range of roof sizes, colors and styles?
  • Do they offer you with a no-leak assurance?
  • What kind of warranty is offered?
  • Do they have an owner who is willing to answer all your queries and also observe the hob site?
  • Do they take care of the inspections and permits?
  • Do they offer ‘green’ roofs and feature recyclable materials and cope up with the solar energy?
  • Are they certified, insured and licensed?


It is imperative to be armed with accurate knowledge before deciding on what sort of roofing service to use. Make certain they offer free exterior and interior commercial roofing inspections, and also provide you with a detailed report on their findings so you can make a better and well-informed decision. The roof on your business building is basically a ‘crowned jewel’; therefore you have to ensure that it is free from any unsightly deterioration or damage.


What sort of a statement would it be if there are falling, damaged or curled shingles on the ground near your building? Like your house, your business is a crucial asset that you should maintain and protect. a licensed roofing contractor for new roof installation Ann Arbor Michigan will have the materials, expertise, safety gear and heavy duty equipment needed to tackle the larger commercial roofing project. Be certain to check their company website and look for the photos of prior roofing installations they have worked on to get a better idea on their quality and workmanship.