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How Can I Find The Pet-Friendly Apartment In Denver

How Can I Find The Pet-Friendly Apartment In Denver

Pets are a part of our family. We love their company and want to take them with us no matter wherever we move. However, finding a pet-friendly apartment is harder than you may expect. Denver is a huge place. Finding the best apartments in Denver is already tough work.

If you do a little research, more than half of the apartment owners don’t allow any pets in their apartments. There is a very logical reason behind this, though. While pets are all fluffy and adorable, they also bring many unwanted messes that are hard to clean and maintain. They also cost a lot to clean sometimes. But of course, as an owner of a sweet canine or feline, you can’t leave them at home. So, this is a guide to help you fasten up your search for the apartment that welcomes your pet along with you.

Online Websites

When looking for an apartment of any category, the best option will be to look on the internet for websites that help you find the apartment you want. Normally these websites have good functionality, and they categorize different types of apartments that you can choose form. Look into a website, set the place for Denver, and pick the pet-friendly category on the listing, and they will show you all the apartments in Denver that let you keep your pet. There are some particular websites just for apartments that allow pets so you can straight up go into them.

Fair Housing Act And Other Laws

Pets give you a lot of benefits, yes, but sometimes they are more than that. In exceptional cases, they can be your support animal where you suffer from emotional issues, and your pet is the thing that provides you with comfort. In this case, you are under the Fair Housing Act, and if an owner of an apartment owner doesn’t let you keep your pet, they have risks of discrimination charges. Sometimes, they may require you to prove that your pet is under your control and isn’t dangerous. It should be easy to prove that.

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Also, suppose you have already stayed in an apartment for months, and the owner suddenly tells you that they don’t allow pets. In that case, you are highly likely to be protected under the law that states that if you lived with your pet unconcealed for more than a certain amount of time and no lawsuits have been filed during that period; then your landlord can’t stop you from keeping your pet. So research well about the laws regarding these matters before picking your apartment in Denver.


There are many apartments in Denver that only allow you to keep a pet, but it has to be within a certain weight. So, if you have a tiny pug or so, you are clear, and if you have a larger breed, then collect information on whether it falls under the weight limit in the apartment you are going to choose. The good idea is to keep a resume of your loved one, including its weight, date of birth, breed, certification, and medical information.

If you can spend some amount, it will be wise to hire a real estate agent. They are perfect for finding the best apartment, regardless of your taste and needs. They keep track of a verity of matters and will make sure that you don’t face any issue in the process.