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Paradise on the South Coast

Paradise on the South Coast

While Belize is often known for its beautiful islands, the southern coast of the mainland hides the country’s best-kept secret. A small peninsula called “Placencia” branches off from mainland Belize and creates a cluster of small communities in a stunning setting. With a lagoon to the west and golden sand beaches to the east, the peninsula is home to all the amenities and conveniences you could need in a peaceful village setting. While ex-pats are more often drawn to more popular areas like Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker, the underrated destination of Placencia is perfect for ex-pats looking for a slow-paced lifestyle and affordable Belizean real estate.

Unrivalled Comfort

The scenic Placencia Peninsula is home to the nearby communities of Maya Beach, Seine Bight and Placencia Village. These locations are the perfect place to buy real estate in Belize, where many homes are currently on the market. Expats are drawn to the area for its abundance of activities, easy access to adventure, as well as unique restaurants and, of course, sunny beaches. Activities available in the Placencia area include fitness centres, tennis courts, pickleball, paddle boarding, kayaking, miniature golf, bowling, and adventure tours. Local guides are also plentiful and can be found along the main walkway in Placencia Village alongside artisan crafts, local art and gift shops. The peninsula also boasts a number of distinctive restaurants, beach bars, cafes and the best gelaterias this side of the globe.

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Ultimate Travel Convenience

The Peninsula’s local airport offers the ultimate in air travel convenience from PGIA Airport to Placencia, making it quick and easy to get there with just a 25-minute commute via Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. Other amenities available on the peninsula include large grocery stores, private schools, and medical facilities. Overall it’s great a place to visit and an even better place to live if you are looking for homes for sale in Belize.

Access to the Land

Whether investors plan to build a vacation home or an entire resort, there is no doubt that a private island will offer next-level exclusivity and unparalleled tranquillity. There is nothing like being surrounded by crystal clear water with palm trees towering overhead and golden sand at your feet. At RE/MAX Real Estate, we currently have a curated selection of private islands for sale, each offering its own unique charm and exclusive access to paradise. Each of these private islands offers the opportunity for exquisite private residences or ultra-luxury resort developments off the coast of Belize. Belize Secret Beach Real Estate has a number of opportunities for people who want to settle there and live an affordable life.