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Reaching New Depths: Underwater Construction

Reaching New Depths: Underwater Construction

With more buildings and infrastructures occupying the land, it won’t be surprising anymore if more people build structures underwater. Since outer space is still inaccessible for inhabitation, the underneath of oceans is more likely to house new structures– and if there is one thing that outer space and ocean both have– it’s the wide area of unchartered territory, serving as the perfect access doors to a possible whole new world. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) estimated that more than 80 percent of the ocean remains un observed and unmapped despite making up more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface. It is fortunate enough that the world’s ocean depths are already much more accessible than outer space, thus making the idea of building underwater cities possible in the future as the construction industry keeps improving.

Today, underwater construction, a method of placing concrete underwater, is already widely-used, such as in the construction of dams, bridges, or any structure that has its foundation underwater. With the progress in construction technology, underwater architecture has now become a reality– with the luxury hotels, villas, and restaurants that dot some of the oceans in the world. Unfortunately, not all people can tour around the world to visit these places. So, in this article, we’re bringing to our readers some of the world’s most creative and futuristic undersea structures now built and even those under construction.

The Utter Inn In Sweden

The Utter Inn is a one-room floating hotel built in the year 2000 and created by Mikael Genberg. This underwater room is attached to the floating hut Vasteras Swedish lake. The underwater room offers a four glass window view where guests can experience an underwater sleep with fishes. For the above-water entrance, the Utter Inn looks just like a traditional Swedish house that’s floating in the middle of a lake.

The Muraka In Conrad, Maldives

This is a two-story villa located in Conrad, Maldives. This villa sits above and below the Indian Ocean. Now open for business, a night at this luxury on two islands is expensive at around $50,000. Its 600-ton structure was constructed in Singapore using acrylic that was supplied by a Japanese aquarium manufacturer and later transported aboard a custom ship to the Maldives where it was finally submerged and secured in place by concrete piles. For people who have $50,000 to spare and want to experience the luxury of 11 restaurants and bars, watersports, spa and fitness, diving, and a submarine, then the Muraka is a perfect place to go to.

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

Shanghai now has a subterranean hotel that’s built inside an abandoned quarry about 20 miles southwest of Shanghai. This hotel has 18 floors– 16 are located underground and the lowest 2 are submerged inside a 33-foot-deep aquarium. Built into the side of a quarry in the Sheshan mountain range, this hotel aims to be a comfortable home base for environmentally-minded travelers.

Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Resort World Sentosa in Singapore offers 11 two-story suites with direct access to the resort’s massive aquarium. This is ideal for guests who want to experience the best of both worlds because this place offers an outdoor patio on the upper level and underwater views of the aquarium’s 40,000 fishes on the lower level.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Developed by L. Bruce Jones, the president of U.S. Submarines Inc., this undersea resort is still under construction. The Poseidon Undersea Resort will be located in a 225-acre (0.91 South Pacific Island in northeastern Fiji and will feature 22 guest rooms, a bar, library, underwater restaurant, conference room, spa, wedding chapel, and a luxury suite– all accessible with a reservation of $15,000 per person weekly.

Reefworld, Australia

This is a floating underwater hotel in Australia, designed by Richard Hywel Evans. ReefWorld features an underwater bedroom, restaurant, bar, spa, and other great features and services. As part of Reefworld Pontoon, these submerged rooms are a $10million structure built to replace tourism in the original pontoon on Hardy reef that was damaged during a cyclone. Customers will be able to look out into a vast world of water with the ensuite rooms that feature floor-to-ceiling windows. During the night, guests can also turn on a light if they want to observe nearby underwater life.

 Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Panoramic reef views in the Indian Ocean are made possible with the Huvafen Fushi’s LIME spa. Here, the guests will be able to access the spa’s saltwater flotation pool filled with mineral-laden water from the ocean through the window panes.

Hydropolis Underwater Resort Hotel, Dubai

This luxury hotel in Dubai is still under construction and can be found under a 66-feet underwater hotel near Jumeirah Beach. This place will feature 220 suites and will be one of the world’s biggest modern projects still waiting for completion. It will also feature three segments: the land station receiving guests, the connecting subway where guests will be transported to the center of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the underwater leisure complex.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm, offers underwater rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that look into the resort aquarium’s Ambassador Lagoon that’s filled with 65,00 sea creatures. There are also two options of suites namely, “Neptune” and “Poseidon”. Also included are a 30-minute personal training session, free airport transfers, and 24/7 in-room dining.

The Floating Seahorse Villas In Dubai May Redefine Luxury

Located about 2.5 miles offshore from Dubai, these ultra-luxurious Floating Seahorse Villas mark the first time that people can actually purchase a plot in the ocean. This is the result of more than 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering by the Kleindienst Group design firm. Also featured is an underwater portion composed of a master bedroom and bathroom that makes up approximately 270 square feet on the interior and with a view of a 500-square-foot artificial coral garden.

Because of more trends in technology that people develop as time passes by, it won’t even be impossible in the near future to have more resort hotels, restaurants, villas– and even cities– underwater.

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