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The Best Place to Retire in The World

Cabo San Lucas has all the benefits of Mexico, with all the convenience of the U.S., the expat community is growing rapidly, and why wouldn’t it? Cabo has The absolutely best weather in the world, incredible dining options, the people are friendly, accommodating and most speak English. The Health care for Expats is amazing, with doctors trained in top U.S. Schools, European schools and Latin American schools all sharing their knowledge and without the large corporations pushing new drugs, insurance companies interfering with treatment of patients and no real threats of lawsuits they are free to be just doctors. Not to mention health insurance is so much lower than in U.S.( my wifes and my coverage is 74% less than in U.S. with major U.S. backed carrier that includes medivac to U.S. if wanted and 5 million in coverage.

The beaches, night life, dining, Fishing, low property taxes and slower pace is calling to thousands of new residents every year, young and old.

While speaking to Patrick Neal of “Own In Cabo Real Estate” he told us that in his office he has a minimum of 5-10 inquiries a day about moving to Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos Area. Whether looking to retire, get a second home or just slow down and enjoy life a little more Cabo has something for everyone. He also addressed the misconception of Americans and Canadians not being able to own in Mexico. He explained the process of a fideicomiso which is very similar to a trust in the U.S. that gives you full property ownership rights.

Come visit and you will see why so many end up staying, is it time for you to own in Cabo? Cabo homes for sale fit most any budget, from below 100,000 USD to 38 million and above. Cabo Condos for sale can be purchased for below 100,000 USD to over 5 million USD. HGTV has also shown many series with buyers purchasing in Los Cabos Area in the recent years. From Costco to Walmart to Home Depot, Cabo has everything you need to live the lifestyle you only dreamed of.

Now is the time to look at Cabo San Lucas and surrounding areas, you will be amazed at the growth.Billions of new developer money is pouring into the area, they know it is the right time to invest in Cabo, now its up to you to decide if it is right for you?