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Top 7 Real Estate Tips To Increase Curb Appeal for Quicker Sales

Although most homeowners keep their properties looking great all the time, what you consider attractive may not be the right look when it comes time to sell. The first time potential buyers see a house, they make a quick judgment about whether it looks like their future home or not. This first impression comes down to curb appeal. In order to sell your property quickly and for more, you must learn how to make your house look nicer for them and not just you.

These seven tips can help you add curb appeal to any property and get you a quicker sale overall:

1. Repair Everything

Home Repairs Handyman Up a Ladder outdoors

The moment potential buyers see a crumbling brick or cracked trim board, they see more money flying out of their wallet. Before putting the house up for sale, repair and replace everything that needs it. If your budget does not allow for some things, strive for uniformity over perfection. Pay special attention to windows and the front door.

2. Clean Everything

Rake and sweep, trim bushes and wash the windows. Hire a power-washing company to come out and clean up the siding and walkways. Dirty surfaces are a sign you did not care for the property, which can make potential buyers leery about what else might be wrong.

3. Make Things Look Bigger

Cut overgrown bushes away from windows, doorways and paths. Increase curb appeal by getting rid of bulky borders that chop the front yard in pieces. Opt for curved walkways that draw the eye to more of the yard. Add accent lighting or eye-catching items to the sides instead of centering them by the door.

4. Pick the Right Colors

You may love lime green and violet, but some colors detract from curb appeal in a big way. Although you may not have the money to replace all the siding or landscaping, color changes can help make your house look nicer. Stick with neutrals for trim, and add standard shades like gray-blue, soft red or green as accents. A colored front door helps.

5. Add Beauty

First, make sure all existing landscaping and gardens are lively, neat and well-balanced. If your front yard lacks flowers, purchase some colorful annuals and tuck them among the bushes or foliage plants. Add pretty planters to the front steps or other hardscaped areas. Bring a touch of homey charm to the overall look with PVC window boxes. These are easy to install and add quite a lot of curb appeal.

6. Make Things Brighter

Even though most people shopping for real estate come during the day, subtle lighting at the front door, by the garage and along paths makes the whole property inviting and safe. Solar-powered lanterns are a great option as they do not require extra electrical connections or unsightly cords. If the yard has a particularly attractive spot, highlight it with a light.

7. Does Everything Look Inviting?

Above all else, curb appeal invites people who want to buy a new piece of real estate to take a closer look. Something has to get them out of the car and up the walk to the front door. Smooth pathways lead to the stoop, while flower boxes draw their eye to the sparkling windows. Wide-open lawns and clean porches make people want to walk up and take a closer look.

Learn how to make your house look nice, and take the necessary steps to increase curb appeal. You will be rewarded with a quicker sale, and you might even get higher offers than you expected, all from a few simple and relatively inexpensive changes.

Author Bio:

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