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What is the Seller Closing Cost in Texas?

What is the Seller Closing Cost in Texas?

Selling a house is an expensive full-on procedure until you get the payment, and closing is the last costly procedure you have to pay if you sell your house in any significant state, Texas. If you are the one who is selling its house in Texas, then you might be aware of the context that I am explaining.

Texas is a big city that has its legal transaction requirements. If you have accomplished the listing process and on the last closing process, then according to the Seller Closing Costs Calculator Texas, you have to pay 5% to the 10% of the closing cost of your house.

The closing is the cost that the buyer and the seller both have to pay. Mostly the sellers have to pay the high closing cost compared to buyers because of the real estate commission fees. There are other costs too, but the real estate commission fees are the most above all. The seller has to pay seller agent commission fees and buyer agent commission fees too.

Calculating the seller closing cost through a closing calculator is an easy technique. Through this, you will get the rough estimation of how much you have to pay seller closing cost, but still, if you want to calculate yourself, then for your assistance, I have aligned the list of expenses incurred at the time of closing.

So, in this way, you will get the rough estimation, although it would be a hectic and time-consuming process to calculate the cost. If you want to do it, then do it.

The typical Seller Closing Costs in Texas are as follows;

Agent Commissions 

The seller has to pay for the buyer agent and seller agent to and that usually carries 5%-6% of the house’s sale price. That is relatively high, but, in some cases, you got discounts when the buyer is working for sale by the owner. Also, many companies allow discount agent rates if the seller and buyer agent both belong to the particular company.

Unsettled Amounts

That’s very necessary to pay before closing the deal as it includes all the utility bills, HOA fees, etc. That charges you up to the normal that you have paid for the last month of your listing.

Prorated Property Taxes 

The prorated taxes calculate that in total how many years or time the existing property was under your possession. This process charged up to some dollars.  

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Settlement Cost  

It usually falls $350-$600 to the escrow company and for the title company of rendering their services

Attorney Fee

the attorney is required region to region. Some states don’t require an attorney for any legal transaction, and some are required in Texas, which is not mandatory.

Title search

it charged up to $200 in Texas

Documentary Stamps on the Deed

It also varies according to the house value

Title Insurance 

It varies from state to state and is charged by the state according to the property’s value.

Final Thoughts

I have mentioned all the most common seller closing costs in Texas that are required to clear at the end of the closing.